Agata & Genziano

This colourful graphic novel, entirely in watercolour, first came into being in the late summer of 2013. Simultaneously, Daniela’s blog on Tumblr was born, tracing (among other things) the creative process of the story. The themes tackled by this new story are both familiar and recurrent. The novel, estimated to be about 10 chapters long, each about 30 panels in length, can be read on various levels. At an explicit level Agata & Genziano is about two thirty-somethings – he’s Italian, she’s a Polish expat; they tackle important changes both individually and as a couple. At other levels the story is preoccupied with the themes of recovering one’s true self and tapping into the most intact part of the psyche in order to create something of real value. Love and the search for one’s real kin, meaning the milieu of true belonging on earth, are other themes tackled by the story.

Each of the 10 chapters carries the name of an object, obviously symbolic of something within the context of the plot. The first chapter is “Key”. The second, “Book”…