Latest Works (from June 2013)


In the following years Daniela spends the better part of her energies on creations of a very different nature: she and Roberto become parents to their son in early 2008 and daughter in late 2009. Then, during the second half of 2011, at the culmination of a series of existentially significant events, Daniela decides to focus entirely on seeking opportunities as a graphic novelist. The first story she authors (both scripts and draws) is the metaphorical The Gift Basket. The short graphic story is published in November of that same year by the “Accademia della Bussola” of Naples, who include it in a self-published volume containing the works of various artists.

During the course of 2012 Daniela juggles the job of mother with that of artist and creates a series of short graphic stories: The Grieving, a second version of The Gift Basket, The Voyage and, last but not least, Love. Meanwhile, she takes part in various international competitions for illustrators and exhibits drawings from The Gift Basket in Turin, in May 2012. The exhibition is also featured in the Turin international book fair programme.

The short story Love is especially significant in that it inaugurates the beginning of a more confident and personal style for its author. The story is chosen to enter the Jeune Talents (Young Talents) competition at the renowned Angoulême Festival, 2013. An unabridged version of Love can be read here.

In the last trimester of 2012 Daniela also writes and draws a further two short graphic stories: The Mountain of Fire and Guardian of Life. Then, between January and March 2013 she completes September, made up of over 80 illustrations and being her longest story yet. Samples of The Mountain of Fire and September can be read respectively here and here.

The graphic novel Agata & Genziano is currently in the works. It is planned to be about 300 panels long.

Daniela Jasmine Filippin was born in Rome. Her international upbringing begins when she is just six years old: with her father working freelance for various UN agencies, she and the rest of her family are posted around the world, more specifically in various countries of Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. As a child she already creates her own illustrated stories, almost always involving animal characters.

In 1992, after her international baccalaureate in Rome and after one year attending a theatre set and costume design course at the local Academy of Fine Arts, Daniela moves to St Andrews, Scotland. Reading Art history and English at its historic university, she earns her degree in 1997, moving to nearby Edinburgh but leaving it in favour of London just a year and a half later, to seek a career in book publishing. In the four years she spends in London she works at BBC Worldwide – the book publishing division of the BBC, then subsequently finds a position in the editorial department of New Holland Publishers.

In early 2002 Daniela leaves London for good and moves back to her native Rome. Until 2005 she works for a travel monthly in the Italian capital, then moves to the Roman countryside. While there she starts freelancing as a translator. She also takes up drawing and creating graphic stories again: Symphony in Dirty White is the historic graphic novel she creates in 2006, exhibiting drawings from it at a solo show in the Trastevere quarter of Rome at the end of that same year.