Guardian of Life

A deliberation (in 11 illustrations and no text) on a specific, single and personal aspect of a new motherhood: the great sense of vulnerability that a new mother can experience. The feelings of a woman who has recently given birth, in addition to enduring a devastating cocktail of post-partum hormones, can initially be so vivid and raw they sometimes bring about what is metaphorically evoked in this brief graphic story. The Mother, an often idealised figure… However, when a mother is real, she behaves like a human being rather than an abstract projection. What could pass for weakness in some of her actions may actually turn out to be feats of strength and willpower caught in the act of being put to the test. This is akin to watching a weightlifter in action, huffing and puffing, their entire body shaking under the effort of their endeavour, making them seem as if they’re about to give in. They may thus appear weak… but can someone who even attempts to lift such weights be weak…?

The storyboard of Guardian of Life is created in the late summer of 2012. The story is then finished in the late autumn of the same year.