They say it’s stronger than justice. You can spend a lifetime asking yourself what it is – and in this case, what is meant is love in its most universal form. You can be under the illusion that you know where it can be found… but in actual fact, it is love itself that ultimately reveals itself, in the time and way it sees fit. One mild, mid-season day a content young woman enjoys a warm bath. She then gets dressed and leaves her home. She decides to reach her destination via a walk across a city park, of which she chooses a specific side path…

This story, for which the storyboard was created in September 2012, was entered into the Jeunes Talents (“Young Talents”) competition of the renowned comics fair, Angouleme Festival, in 2013.

Love marks the beginning of a new graphic style for Daniela. The extent of the inner transformation it brings about makes this the work she considers her most important of recent times. With this story, Daniela finds a more solid stylistic identity, giving way to an increasingly personal and fluid stroke. Almost every one of its 18 illustrations (originally more, then edited out so as to streamline the plot), was drawn and redrawn, in some cases even dozens of times.