Latest Works (from June 2013)

In terms of the birth of her real self in adulthood, Daniela considers 2011 – more or less from the middle of the year on – as that of her conception. The sum of events from the previous years and from 2011 itself give way to a completely different rhythm of perpetual motion compared with the previous one. For instance, in her graphic novella September (2013), the main character’s beloved cousin tells her, as he leans from a train on the point of separating them: “In this world everything must keep moving and changing form, constantly, otherwise it just dies.”

Although the graphic novel has always been her preferred mode of artistic expression (even long before having heard the term “graphic novel”), it may seem odd to some that in the vast majority of cases, Daniela doesn’t, nor has she ever been particularly inspired by comics or other graphic novels. She’s read relatively few during the course of her life – more as a result of an eclectic crop of interests than out of indifference. But if she really had to choose, the French-speaking comics scene is where she would place herself – though even in this case, she hesitates to feel completely at home there as well. When it comes to the crunch, the Italian artist feels an outsider within any comics scene. The strongest feeling she derives from stepping into a comics bookshop is always that of someone who tells herself, with a pinch of shyness from feeling like guest: “One of these days I’ll really have to start getting into the comics culture…”

The Graphic Novels section lists all of Daniela’s works from the year of her conception (2011) onwards, starting from her most recent down.